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Almost half of all Australian adults will face mental ill-health at some point.  

Social and emotional wellbeing has become a pressing concern in Australia, with alarming statistics revealing that nearly half of all Australian adults will grapple with mental health issues at some point in their lives. The challenges posed by this pervasive issue are multifaceted and deeply impactful. Every day, the nation mourns the loss of at least eight lives to suicide, and it’s noteworthy that five out of these eight individuals are men. Moreover, a staggering 65,000 people make attempts on their own lives each year. These stark statistics underscore the urgent need for collective action and innovative solutions to address the mental health crisis that our society faces.  

In response to these critical ongoing issues, Third Sector proudly announces the return of its 7th National Social and Emotional Wellbeing Forum. This upcoming event is poised to be a beacon of hope and change as it gathers professionals, experts and advocates from diverse backgrounds to address the pressing issue of social and emotional wellbeing. By convening the largest gathering of the mental health and SEWB community, the forum seeks to foster a transformative experience. Through collaborative discussions, knowledge sharing and the exploration of innovative strategies, this forum aims to create a comprehensive understanding of social and emotional wellbeing.  

Attend this Forum and learn how to:

Develop solutions through a purposeful focus on positive and adaptive behaviors for disengaged youth

Develop solutions through a purposeful focus on positive and adaptive behaviors for disengaged youth

Implement strategies to tackle substance abuse and addictions amongst First Nations people

Implement strategies to tackle substance abuse and addictions amongst First Nations people

Improve the cultural competency within the system to better engage with First Nations people

Deliver service models specifically designed tosupport the mental health and overall well being of vulnerable individuals

Provide seamless integration, collaboration and innovation for effective service delivery in the sector

Hear from 60+ Speakers including:

Rosemary Wanganeen
Rosemary Wanganeen
Chief Executive Officer
Healing Centre for Griefology
Bernie Shakeshaft
Bernie Shakeshaft
Founder Director
Stephen Morrison
Stephen Morrison
Aboriginal Cultural Practice and Capability Manager
Hope Community Services
JAcqueline gibson
Jacqueline Gibson
Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission (MHWC)
Karen Edwards
Clinical Director
Gidget Foundation Australia
Marjorie Anderson
National Manager
Gary Thorpe OAM
Gary Thorpe OAM
Australian Mental Health Prize Winner 2022
Joel Ryman
Joel Ryman
Program Coordinator - Youth Mentor and Facilitator
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Who Should Attend

Those responsible for designing and delivering
Social and Emotional Wellbeing policies, programmes and services from:


Job Titles:

Heads/Directors/Managers of:

What's new in the 7th edition of the Forum:

Holistic wellbeing

Dive into insightful discussions on the multidimensional aspects of emotional and social wellness. Learn about the latest research, strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting mental health across different age groups and backgrounds

Seamless integration of services

Discover innovative approaches to seamlessly integrate and collaborate within the mental health service landscape. Gain insights into creating a unified network that ensures effective and accessible support for individuals in need

Perspectives from experts

Engage with leading experts, practitioners and thought leaders who will share their expertise and experiences. Hear inspiring stories of success and resilience, as well as strategies to overcome challenges in the field of social and emotional wellbeing

Interactive workshops

Participate in interactive workshops designed to provide practical tools and techniques for promoting personal and community wellbeing. Collaborate with peers to brainstorm ideas and develop action plans that can drive positive change

Networking opportunities

Connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and professionals who share your passion for enhancing mental health and emotional wellness. Forge valuable connections and collaborations that can extend beyond the forum

Vulnerable groups

Delve into discussions focusing on vulnerable groups and their unique emotional needs. Explore ways to develop tailored service models that cater to their specific requirements, ensuring inclusivity and equality in mental health care

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About the Artwork

Title: Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Artist: Gilimbaa

This elements is centered around coming together to build strenght and share knowledge to enable the healing process. Acknowledged with in the element is the possible trauma, addiction and dark moments in an individual’s life ( past and present). Through representing  the individual’s journey to healing, they are surrounded and supported by family,friends and community members.

The background elements illustrate the continous flow of open and honest conservations that help build our understanding of the individuals needs and break down the stigma attached to mental health.